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Do The Work
by Steven Pressfield

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You have no excuse.
Anyone who has struggled to get things done – big things – your dream things – will find your internal weapon to resistance.

Find out how to start, how to finish and how to just keep the hell going!

“a child has no trouble believing the unbelieveable, nor does the genius or madman…it’s only you and I, with our big brains and tiny hearts, who doubt and overthink and hesitate.” Listen to your dream, and work hard to beat “resistance” and “rational thought.,” that inner voice that chatters with all the reasons why you can’t.

With chapters titled: Start Before You’re Ready; Stay Primitive; and Swing for the Seats – this isn’t just an intellectual exercise, but a map for getting your stuff – your work – done.

A way to push past all the reasons why not and the method to cling to the reason why.

The book is an easy read. I followed the suggestion in the forward and read it through, stopping just once.  I went back and read it again – this time, noting things that really resonated with me.  I suspect this is the type of book that I will read again when I’m in a different place in my life and I’ll glean other bits of wisdom that make sense to me just then.

The kindle version of the book is available at no cost thanks to GE.
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Steven Pressfield’s book Do The Work is part of the Domino Project. Created by Seth Godin and “powered by Amazon”. The concept is simple. The name is from the idea of the domino effect; that powerful ideas spread quickly and easily from one person to another.

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How To Show Your Sales Confidence

SoundAdvice Sound Bite

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Today’s SoundAdvice Sound Bite is about Sales Confidence.

This is an issue that solopreners and business owners bring up when we’re talking about sales results or the lack of results.

Being confident in what you’re offering is key if you want people to opt in, hire you, buy your thing.
If you’re not sure about what you’re offering – how can your customer be sure?
Let your confidence come from a place of service and value.
I’ll explain.
This is what I like to call quiet confidence.

It’s not about being arrogant or pushy.

Quite confidence is about being helpful – offering hope – offering solutions.
Because it comes from a place of value and service.
If you know you deliver value, your products and services deliver and clients will feel better, look younger, be happier, lose weight, see real results – Then it isn’t just a good idea to share that – it is part of your mission – to make sure that those who need what you have can find you – get access – and get results.
When you are selling from a place of service – the focus and emphasis is always on the customer.
What will they receive?  how will they feel? what will they learn?
What results can they expect?

Remember, people buy results.

Have that conversation – and give them the chance to say YES!
When you sell with this kind of confidence, your customers will be confident about working with you or buying from you as well.
That’s todays SoundBite – let me know in the comments if you have any questions or thoughts about your sales confidence.

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Is Selling Time On Your Calendar Or Just On Your To Do List?

SoundAdvice Sales Rx:

I often use time on Sunday’s to look forward to the week ahead. You know, plan ahead and make sure I have things like paying bills and sending invoices all done. One thing that I also schedule is sales time.

Income Producing Activity. It’s easy to get busy doing lots of other things. Important things too. It’s not like you’re spending all day sitting on the sofa eating bon bons. But you know how things happen. You really mean to make the phone calls or follow up on your proposals and then you get busy, and then it’s time for lunch and the next thing you know, Monday is pretty much over so you decide to do it the next day. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

So – take the time. Now. Put some sales time on your calendar for whatever your income producing activity is. When you get a new client, or make a sale/sales, you’ll be glad you made time for it.

I’d love to know how you plan your week. It’s nice to share.

Are You Reaching For More or Settling for Less?

 I don’t know about you – but I love the Olympics.  There’s something intriguing about watching some of the more obscure events.  Besides the  jokes about the beer drinking, card playing curling team,  I find myself wondering how someone decides to pursue the sport of Nordic bi-athalon.  I mean, we all see figure skating, and hockey inspiring kids to ask for skating lessons or to join a youth hockey league, but how many kids watch the cross country event and jump up dying to spend hours training for that?

You really have to want it.

Being an Olympic athlete doesn’t just happen.  We all know how dedicated and hard working the athletes are.  Yeah, Sean White has a great time snowboarding. It doesn’t look like hard work or any big sacrifice.  But it is.  Something makes them want to train longer, try harder and compete.  Being the best of the best has always required effort.  Make that extra effort.  Physical abilities and talent aside, if you don’t want it – it’s just not going to happen.

Do you want it?

I work with and talk to business owners every day.  Smart, dedicated and inspiring people.  Women and men who know what they want and understand it is going to take effort to get there.  And still, so often that they are willing to settle for good enough. 

What makes the difference?

It can’t just be desire – there’s seldom a shortage of wanting to be the best.  I think it comes to the idea of belief.  Fortunately, young athletes often don’t know what isn’t possible.    If you’re over 28, (or even younger)  you’ve been told outright, or indirectly that you  aren’t going to be the next Donald Trump, or Oprah.  Heck, you probably aren’t even going to be the top of your class, or the most valued employee where you work.   So being the best, and refusing to settle becomes harder to do.

Decide what you’re willing to do. 

  Like you, I have goals and dreams.  Most days I love the journey and enjoy what I’m doing.  But there are the other days.  You  know the ones.  When the tasks seem overwhelming or the writing won’t happen or you lose a sale.   The day when it all seems so hard and you wonder if you’re in the right place, or doing the right things. 

  I’m writing this list for the time when you need a spark.  When one of those days pops up, or when you feel it creeping in on you,  look at things from a new perspective. 

Take 30 minutes and pick something from this list and then do it. 

Call someone you’ve wanted to meet but haven’t.
Email someone you met at an event or social function.  Just to say hello.
Pick up the phone and call (gasp) someone you’ve always admired and let them know.   You won’t faint and chances are you’ll make their day which is a sure way to get motivated.
Hand write a note to someone to let them know how they’ve inspired you.  Then actually mail it. (That’s the part I have trouble with)

BrainstomThe act of writing down ideas almost always unlocks my stifled creativity.  But here’s the rule.  Pick somthing you want to work on, and don’t stop writing until you have 100 ideas.  Anything and everything is fair game.  Don’t edit, just write what you can think of. Now, go back and pick 2 or 3 and do them.  I know you may be saying “but I don’t have time for that”.  Take the time.  Nothing inspires like new ideas.

Face a fear.
Not all of them at once.  Pick something you’ve told yourself you couldn’t do, then do it.  Nothing will seem (as) overwhelming again.

Finally: Figure Out What You’re Willing To Do
When you’ve emerged energized an motivated, now make a list of what you’d be willing to do to make the big dream happen. A few ideas to get you started:

Attend networking events.                                                                                                                   
Write 100 blog posts.
Ask for someone to invest in you.
Ask for help.
Invest in a class or training.
Learn a new skill.
Develop a support team that will have your back when you need it.
Sell a luxury item to invest in YOU.
Take that next step that you already know you should be doing.

There is no right or wrong, just what you’re willing to do.  Focus and intent become clear.  How badly do you want it?  Are you on the right path, or do you need to make a change? 
What will you do to make your dreams happen? 
What does reaching for the stars look like for you?
Do you have an Olympian size goal?
Are you tired of settling?